Guild Banner Project

For our second group project, Nampa MQG is working on creating a group banner after our VP - Kiry Kirkpatrick - was inspired by the Alameda, CA banner she saw while at a farmer's market in California.

The basic idea is for each member to create a 6x6" (finished) block (6.5x6.5" to submit to the guild) block following the color scheme of the Modern Quilt Guild. The officers will assemble the blocks together to create a group banner for outreach and other community events. We plan on adding the Nampa MQG logo (once finalized) to the banner. Each member has the option to add their name to the block for posterity.

As our group grows, we will be able to unbind and add blocks to the banner. What a fun and custom way to create a banner without having to pay to print one. Each member will have their own small contribution to the project reflecting our guild make-up as a whole.

If you are a Nampa MQG member and weren't present at the June 2019 meeting where this project was introduced, you may still participate by following the instructions embedded below. Bring your finished block to the July 2019 meeting, or to whatever meeting follows you completing it.



Nampa MQG President

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